Why Raw ?
Ellie’s Raw Cat Food



Ellie’s Raw Cat Food has a true passion in their raw produce and belief in the benefits of feeding a ‘Raw Diet’. A raw cat food diet can also be called a 'BARF Diet'. ‘BARF’ means ‘Biologically Approved Raw Food’.

We understand those of you visiting our site either have a good understanding and positive experience of feeding raw or are those who are still exploring the facts and benefits of feeding a ‘BARF diet’. You will however all have the same amazing common interest, which is wanting to offer your cats the best most nutritious and natural raw diet possible.

Here we offer you some valuable information on what a ‘BARF Diet’ is and what your cat’s dietary requirements essentially are.

Your cats are ‘predators’ that have evolved to eat and thrive on a diet of raw meat. This in truth makes them ‘Obligate Carnivores’. They require ‘meat’ and meat only for all their dietary needs, nourishment and survival. Therefore a 100% raw diet offers them all their true dietary requirements. A complete raw diet should consist of a balanced ratio of meat, bone and offal. These ratios are 80:10:10 or 75-80:10-20:10 Meat: Bone: Offal.

Taurine is an essential nutrient that cats have a limited ability to produce and must ingest for a healthy existence. Taurine is found in all raw meats but the best sources are found in chicken hearts and liver. Ellie’s Raw ensure these are included in all our complete raw minces.

The invaluable inclusion of bone and offal within a raw meat diet provide your cats with every essential nutrient they require. Bone provides calcium, minerals and zinc along with collagens and enzymes. Offal such as liver and kidney as an example provide Vitamin B’s, A’s, Amino Acids and Essential Fatty Oils.

Fresh water should always be made available to your cats at all times. But interestingly a raw diet contains approx 65% moisture so you may find your cats will drink less eating a complete raw diet.

Ellie’s Raw Cat Food

Ellie’s Raw Cat Food truly believe as well as many others who have experienced the benefits, that feeding raw is the most natural and beneficial diet for your feline ‘the natural predator’. From our own experience and experience of our existing customers our true belief is that feeding raw can offer your beloved feline the benefits of healthy skin, coat & teeth, immune system, digestion, absorption of essential nutrients and dietary requirements alongside a healthy lean body mass and reduced stool volume and odour. (Cats will digest and utilise most of their raw diet hence less stools).

Our Feeding Recommendations are as follows:

Kittens: Feed as much and often as they require.

Adults Cats: Feed between 3%-5% their body weight. Adjust accordingly dependent on their weight.