About Ellie's Natural Raw Cat Food

Ellie’s Natural Raw Cat Food was founded by Elaine (Ellie) after becoming increasingly concerned with the number of visits we were making to the vets. My cats (Ted and Olive) were experiencing Irritable bowels, Urinary infections, and their appearance was far from healthy. With the help of my cats’ breeders and after months of extensive research into the benefits of feeding raw, I decided to transition my cats onto a completely raw and natural diet. It wasn’t long before I started to notice an improvement in their health and appearance and I’ve never looked back since.

Some of my friends & family also remarked on how well my cats were looking and I was often asked what I had changed. When I explained to them that I had switched their diet to raw, they became intrigued and more and more of them asked if I would be interested in supplying their cats with my product. At the same time, I met Kim, who shared my passion & belief in feeding raw, and after several chats we soon decided that we wanted to take Ellie’s to market. We took the plunge, and after lots of form filling, planning and product testing we now produce delicious and nutritious raw minces in our Defra approved premises in the heart of the New Forest. We both have a true passion to provide our customers and their cats the product they deserve, delivering exceptional quality with friendly advice and assistance.