Here at Ellie's...

...we have a true passion in our raw cat food produce and first hand experience of the benefits of feeding a raw diet. We hand produce all of our natural minces from our DEFRA approved premises in the heart of the New Forest.

Why feed them raw?

Your cats are ‘predators’ that have evolved to eat and thrive on a diet of raw meat. This in truth makes them ‘Obligate Carnivores’. Therefore a 100% raw diet offers them all their true dietary requirements. A complete raw diet should consist of a balanced ratio of meat, bone and offal.


Cats are 'natural predators' and 'obligate carnivores' and their diet must reflect this. All of our products offer your cat the true and natural raw diet that they require.


We have a true passion for using high quality locally sourced produce in all of our products.


All of our products are hand made in our Defra approved premises in the heart of the New Forest.


All our produce is dispatched in temperature controlled packaging systems and delivered frozen via courier on a 24hr service to all UK Mainland addresses.